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Parents Visit

 They don't come often..............I wanted to do something special. We booked two nights at "The Ballard Inn" in Los Olivos, CA. I highly recommend it!!!!! It's a bed and breakfast and full of charm!!!!! I would recommend going in the fall. It was really hot there in July.


Papaw & Etta



Lovell's in L.A. 

My parents came to visit from Arkansas for a week. We had a really nice relaxing time.


40 Pounds Each

Ro, my parents and I have eatin' squash for the last 9 days..........yes, every-day. My Mom carried 20 pounds in her carry-on and my Dad carried 20 pounds in his carry-on. My parents leave in the morning. I will miss the smell and sound of the squash cookin'..........I cannot speak for Ro. The girls never took a bite. I will miss it and I will miss them. Today we are headed out to Hermosa Beach to shop (sorry RO).


Mamaw & Papaw

This is my parents. They are headed to L.A. tomorrow. Today I am cleaning and getting ready. If you even say the word "camera" or "take picture" to my Mom she closes her eyes. ALMOST every photo I have of her.........her eyes are closed (even in this photo). We have fun trying to see if we can get a photo with her eyes open. Anywho........Sullivan is excited to play chess with Papaw............and Mamaw loves to bake with the girls. My favorite thing to do with them is .....sit out back and watch the day go by on the porch swing just talkin'.