So.....I'm Dalanie Kolakowski.

I want to warn you up front that I am not going to post a single receipe for anything I have cooked EVER. I spell TERRIBLE and I think I smell terrible too (well, sometimes....I can smell like French hooker....I'm a sweater ya know). I will figure this link out as I go. Figure out what I want to say about the things I family, fashion and decor. I have the small little Oprah voice saying "gratitude my friend, start a thankful journal". Ok.......I love my Oprah but we'll see where this journey takes me.

I love my not perfect life. I love my 1955 1 story house, my crazy girls and my husband who calls me wife (everyday). I love who I am and where I am going. I love owning my age and I love owning my old car. I love finding things at the thrift store and I love having to make it work. Most of all I love my family. I have a beautiful feeling in heart when I look at them. I love this not perfect crazy life. Hey Oprah......Maybe this will be about gratitude........or not. 

I am, wife, sister, daughter, friend, decorator, volunteer, and blogger.